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The RFIDwerksTM team communicates RFID technology in clear context, objectively matches clients to qualified solutions, defines and produces custom apps as appropriate, crafts strategic middleware, and manages implementations.
Core RFIDwerksTM Applications
Assets On Premises
Wide area tracking; inside, outside, a campus or a perimeter, never lose sight of your assets. If GPS can no longer see a mobile asset, we can. Our universal AOP manager controls a set of readers to coordinate active tag locations.
Checkpoint Applications
Use mounted readers to track assets transitioning gateways, doors, zones or simply crossing a line using passive tags to record the new locations of assets or for a time stamped record of entities passing a point and asset location.
Mobile Apps / RTLS
Move/load/unload assets, associate an asset to a location, locate assets, note an asset as inspected or verified, issue or return check out assets, spoof-proof scanning. Manage real-time activity on-premises or cloud.
RFID Smart Shelf
Auto-detect when high value assets are moved to or from a shelf by rack. Know your precise inventory location at all times, when it was placed and when it was removed or moved. Self-monitoring software for proactive online status.
Grow Scan TM Indoor Farming
Track inventory from cradle to table using RFID advanced technology to expedite inventory harvests. Seedlings to towers, microgreens, forecast transplants and harvests, FDA reporting, activity reports, cloud or on-prem.
RFIDwerksTM specializes in a full spectrum of Commercial Off The Shelf applications as well as custom RFID solutions to address any application. Adaptable APIs may be used to integrate into existing business databases and systems.

Please contact us to review your objectives and requirements.
Good Information Good Decisions
Application Consulting
Our RFIDwerksTM team offers over 29 consecutive years crafting solutions for identity, location, movement, process control, audit, prototype and more limited only by imagination. Our diversity is our strength.

Vendor / Solution Selection
With a design defining project intent and objectives, we can search for then existing solutions and stable vendors. The RFID industry is inherently creative with new solutions and fresh approach for nearly every application.

Custom Applications
When an existing RFID solution isn't available, we apply our experience to produce fixed, mobile, logistics, gates, doors, checkpoints, assets anywhere, sports, fuel, tires, custom boards, EE, more ... we've worked with most.

Cloud, local networks, desktops, hybrid configurations or operating systems, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, USB, challenging or harsh environments; we'll coordinate the resources including custom middleware for a smooth launch.

Support & TCO
As an integral concern in the solution selection and development; recurrent tag, expendibles and deliverables are evaluated, the cost of long term support, longevity, and TCO are considered and balanced.

Application Design & Software Engineering
Objectives Planning
& Consulting

Application & Process
Design & Strategy

Optimize Resources,
Environment & Methods

Software Development,
Management & Integration

Validation, Verification,
Compliance & Review

Implementation & Training

Structure Packaging
& Distribution

Software, Help Desk
& Dynamic Goals Support

  • Access Control
  • Aeroponics / Indoor Farming
  • Assets on Premises
  • Asset/Inventory RTLS
  • Asset Movement Tracker
  • Central Tool Rooms
  • Checkpoint Operations
  • Holographic Greeting
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Job Site Asset Tracker
  • Loyalty Applications
  • Marine Fuel Dispenser
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Movement Tracking
  • Parking Applications
  • Smart Shelf Inventory
  • Truck Tire Tracking
  • Vehicle / Personnel Access
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Water Spider Tracking
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